Z App Systems

Starts in the heart of silicon valley

Driven by a deep musical passion and technology vision from our founders, we embarked on a breathtaking journey to bring to the digital music purists and audiophiles. A revolutionary new Wireless Digital Multimedia Music Server solution.

Infinitely shaping the Next Generations Wireless Digital Multimedia experiences. It wasn't enough to offer another me too box. We chose to challenge the status quo, by developing a totally portable and flexible multimedia solution that will undoubtedly change the way you experience digital music entertainment.

Z-App is an engineering company focused on delivering rich digital experience to consumers and providing engineered solutions that bridge disparate media content into arrays of data.

We aid everyone from service providers to end users with a host of products and services that give access to digital media leaders in chip-making, manufacturing, system houses, service providers and distribution. Z-App systems has become uniquely situated to deliver end-to-end solutions with the ability to drive from concept, to design; to implementation, to integration, to test and finally to deployment.