Z App Systems

Goodbye CD clutter. Hello new best friend!

The Z1. Your complete music collection on one sleek, easy to use device. Store your entire album collection with absolutely zero loss of quality. Location your music is a breeze with our vibrant touch screen display. Connect it wirelessly (or wired) to your network, for easy music downloading and streaming internet radio. Slide a CD in and press a button. The Z1 will do the rest. Uploading artist, song and album art information from its meta data is automatic, and ensures easy access to your favorite music.

Listen to your music how the artist intended

We here at Z-App are audiophiles, and nothing upsets us more than low quality sound. Our high quality components ensuer that you no longer have to live a life filled with dull, lifeless digital music. Connect your Z1 to your home theater system and play back your music with absolutely zero loss of quality.

The new star of your home theatre

With its sleek design and display, the Z1 take center stage. Browsing music is fun and easy. Pull our your iPhone (or other network capable device) and connect it wirelessly to control the Z1 from anywhere in your home.

Who doesn't love free music?

The Z1 is built to connect easily to your favorite internet radio stations. Album, artist and song info are all detailed on your display as they stream. With thousands of stations available at your fingertips, discovering new music to add to your collection has never been easier.

Who doesn't love free music?

Connect a zone player to your network and you now have the ability to stream music off the Z1 to any choice room in your house. The Z1 supports up to 15 zones.

Keep it Simple

The Z1 is ready to go right out of the box, no software or computers required. Just plug it in and you're ready to take off.