Z App Systems

Photo Frame

Experience the convenience of a Wi-Fi photo frame. The K1 is the perfect solution to effortlessly share and organize your photos.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

  • 1. Slide in your memory card or usb drive
  • 2. Select the photos you want uploaded
  • 3. Click the easy upload button to your selected site of choice (flickr, picasa, etc..) and your pictures are instantly organized online! No computer hassle required.

  • Stream your photos on K1's 8 inch touch screen display and simultaneously match them to your favorite music for an unforgettable production of your most cherished memories. There's no need to prepare your photos for viewing, the K1 automatically optimizes your photos for vibrant full screen viewing. With the K1 you'll always have new photos to look at, without having to think about it.

    Music Library
    Browse and play millions of your favorite songs. Finding what you want is simple with the K1's intuitive touch screen GUI. Browse by Artist, Album or song, or find new music under Top Tracks and New Albums. You have the ability to create your own playlists to fit whatever mood you're in, or browse other premade lists. Plug the K1 into your external speakers, or listen to your music around the house with its built in speakers.

    P2P Sharing
    Give the gift of a K1 Smart Frame to your friends and family and instantly trade pictures between frames. Every K1 smart frame has a unique address that makes it the easiest option out there to share your photos with others. Just send your picture to the selected frame and it will appear on the screen, no additional steps required.

    Plug in a microphone and let loose the superstar in you. With the K1's built in lyrics with timing, invite your friends over for a fun night of karaoke.

    Browse the internet
    With the built in web browser, you are free to search the web on the K1's 8 inch touch screen display.