Z App Systems

ZQ Technology

At the heart of Z-App's products lies ZQ, a technology that helps simplify your life.

ZQ is an organic digital multimedia framework that takes advantage of UPnP and DLNA, providing you with a higher level of usability and wireless interoperability between the media devices in your home. ZQ helps you organize your media by intelligently processing, sorting and categorizing your media library across different mediums, giving you access to your entire library from anywhere. ZQ enables you to seamlessly share your most cherished moments with friends and family, while also providing effortless means of securing and protecting your multimedia files without you having to think about it. Most importantly, ZQ enabled multimedia devices work together in a chorus to enhance each other's functionality so that you can enjoy your life, while ZQ worries about the small stuff.

Want your music connected throughout the house? Add a zone player to your wired or wireless network and you're instantly connected to the same library. Easy!

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